Until recently, I was pretty comfortable with my web design tools.

I’ve used Fireworks since the moment back in 1999 when I started dabbling in web design. Back then Photoshop did not even have editable text (it was rasterized the moment you let go of the text tool), plus I have always been more comfortable with vector drawing tools.

When Fireworks got pages, it seemed like it was finally becoming THE ui design tool, the one that adapted to my workflow and needs. But sadly, over the years, very little was done to it. When recently Adobe announced it would no longer be developing it it was a sad, though predictable, moment.

I know I can still continue using Fireworks, it won’t implode in my hard drive. But even before Adobe confirmed it, I knew it was time to look for something new. Enter Sketch. For us Fireworks users, it’s great that it’s all vectors. I miss a bit of the fireworks bitmap editing, but I use it less and less as my designs become more css and vector based.

Sketch is not THE tool. Not yet (I have high hopes for the future). It lacks several key features from fireworks (symbols, master pages, compatibility with more widely used formats) and a more active plugin community. And I still often find its bugs, quirks and workflows annoying and frustrating. But I keep on learning.

One comment on “In search of the perfect UI design tool

  1. Debbie Pelton on

    I, too, miss Fireworks very much! I know I can still use it, but when Adobe turned its nose up at it, so did the rest of the world, it seems.
    Most people don’t even know that it is the best web design tool created to date! From wireframing to prototyping, to slicing up comps and even creating animation—it does it all (and so much more)!
    All that while taking 1/5th the amount of clicks that it takes to create the same thing in Illustrator.
    Once you’re done, it will even spit out the HTML and CSS for you!

    Come on Adobe! The visionaries at Macromedia created what we need now 10 years ago. You bought it then threw it away!!!!

    Pardon my bloviation.
    I hope XD really blows me away when it becomes available for PC users.


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