Finally (Finally!) Version 4 of monolinea is up.

How it all started

Version 1 was one of the first layouts I did fully in CSS (back when there was such a thing as “tableless” layouts) around 2003. I was so excited, I even made a CSS Zen Garden-like switcher, with three different themes. As all CSS based sites at the time, it was square and rather bland. Pixel patterns were all the rage (squidfingers, k10k, anyone?)

373-1By 2005, technology had matured a bit more, and v.2 had all the bells and whistles: rounded corners! icons! gradients! fancy javascript effects! I also started using textpattern as a CMS

2008 brought a new redesign, with a new logo, more color, and a bit more simplicity.

Finally last year i decided it was time to start over from scratch. And a few (or many) months later comes version 4.

What´s new?

  • Less is more. A more minimalist design puts more focus on the content.
  • Finally gave up on textpattern and embraced wordpress. Not perfect either, but more flexible, and with way more plugins and resources to help me along
  • Monolinea is now responsive! Should work in phones, tablets, desktop, and anything in between.
  • Retina ready! High res graphics and content for extra sharpness in high resolution displays.
  • Not finding the perfect font for Monolinea, I set out and made my own.
  • New logo (based on the previous one), based on the new font.
  • I now have a blog. After many years of being mostly quiet, I’ll give this communicating thing a try.


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