Upraised learning helps families and schools engage in kids’ learning by providing the families with tools to understand and support their schoolwork.

Upraised came to me looking for someone that could help them develop their brand. They needed a visual identity that expressed their business and values to both school administrators and parents.

I created a logo that expressed their business in a subtle way. I created a style guide with specifications on colors, graphic language, and typography. I helped create a bootstrap-based  html theme for both their website and their product.

And finally, I helped create a consistent style for their course information images, helping explain math concepts clearly by using clear colors, shapes and styles.


Upraised Learing LLC

  • Bootstrap theming
  • Branding
  • Information design
  • Logo Design
  • Styleguide development
Upraised learning Branding

Bootstrap theme

Custom bootstrap theme for the Upraised application

Logo in 2 formats

Upraised math materials and guidelines

Branding Styleguide