I have 15 years’ professional experience working within the web design field at an international level. I have spent most of my career as an independent contractor, helping agencies and end clients design and build well-crafted, accessible and responsive sites and applications.

The projects I work on span the range from small corporate sites to complex web apps. I can take on a project all by myself, from concept to final delivery; but I also have experience working as part of a large multidisciplinary team.

I do illustrations, both stock imagery and commissioned pieces. Taking a concept, I can make it come alive in paper or pixels in the style best suited to the message.

I also do app and interface icon design. I love creating simple, easily understandable shapes that clearly communicate concepts or brands.

Letters are my passion, and I design type whenever I can.

I graduated from the Communication Program at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico with a specialty in Graphic Design.

I currently reside in Helsingborg, Sweden, but work with clients worldwide.

Download my CV (PDF)